Welcome to “Rocking The Dad Pod,” a new podcast for all those dads on this crazy earth, co-hosted by Justin Soderberg and Brian Keezer. The plan is to release at least one podcast per month with a special guest Dad to talk fathering topics.

During this first episode we take it easy and just get to know the dads.

Justin Soderberg, General Manager at Orono Brewing Co. and host of The Maine State of Mind podcast, will welcome his first boy into the world during the first week of June 2021. Therefor, Justin will bring the soon-to-be and eventually the new father role to the podcast. Brian Keezer, co-owner of Unrest Coffee Co. and Pastor at Journey Church, has three children. He will bring the “experienced” father role to the podcast.

Over the next year we will talk topics of faith, hobbies, sports, holidays, schooling and so much more with guest centered around each topic.

If you are a dad or know a dad looking for a new podcast to follow, please subscribe and share. We are excited and proud to launch this project.

Thanks for tuning into the first episode and look for the next episode coming in March.

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