Justin Soderberg, General Manager at Orono Brewing Co. and host of The Maine State of Mind podcast, will welcome his first boy into the world during the first week of June 2021. Soderberg and his wife, Taylor, reside in the Greater Bangor Area. Justin has lived in Maine for most of his life, with portion of that time in Massachusetts. He has a design background, as well as a history in covering live sports via radio and website journalism. Justin will bring the “new” dad role to the show.

Brian Keezer and his wife, Gretchen, have three children. Keezer is the co-owner of Unrest Coffee Company, Pastor at Journey Church, and works from home for Northern Light Health. Brian has been the drummer of multiple bands and has a passion for music.  He will bring the “experienced” father role to the podcast.

Both of the co-hosts are diehard Boston Celtics fans and enjoy living in Maine. This podcast is about their experiences in fatherhood and not expected to be a “how-to guide.”